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November 2010 - Noise in Call Centers and Open Plan Offices

November 2010 - Noise in Call Centers and Open Plan OfficesMany business and call centers take the open-plan option when developing office space. There are many advantages to this approach, but there are disadvantages too. Noise is the most serious problem in open plan areas, so dealing with it at source (usually a loud employee) is the best approach.

We have a number of products that will help to reduce the noise levels, from a computer based personal noise alert system to wall mounted noise signs.

Open Plan

One of the biggest drawbacks of open plan offices is NOISE. The noise levels are not likely to be high enough to cause damage to hearing, but are often enough to cause stress, irritation and time off work.

The situation can be eased by reducing staff density, introducing white noise to mask the background sound, and by introducing sound absorbing and blocking materials.

The background noise level for an open plan office will usually be around 55 dB(A), rising to around 62 dB(A) for a call center. These levels are not too unpleasant, but one or two exuberant employees can make life difficult.

Having to constantly remind people to keep the noise levels down can cause embarrassment and bring about confrontations.

Noise Warning Signs

We have a range of noise warning signs that mount on the wall and light up when the noise levels are too high. A trigger level is set on the back of the sign, usually between 55 and 65 dB(A) for office and call center use.

The most suitable sign for your application depends on its exact use and how well the sign will fit in with your environment.

Noise Warning Signs

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