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CEL350 - dBadge Noise Dosimeter

The dBadge mounts on a worker's shoulder and monitors the noise exposure throughout the working day.

  • ANSI S1.25 Personal Noise Dosimeters
  • IEC 61252 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
  • Strong (rubber overmoulded) case
  • No wires to catch on machinery
  • Lockable Controls and Display
  • Measures Lavg, TWA, Leq, LEP,d and Peak
  • Rechargeable battery with 28 hour life
  • Time history gives a graph of noise levels

Typical Applications

  • Measuring a worker
  • Essential for highly mobile workers
  • Measuring noise in dangerous and confined spaces
dBadge Noise Dosimeter
dBadge Noise Dosimeter

CEL350 - Product Details

The dBadge system is the perfect solution for the measurement of a worker's exposure to noise. The badge is small and light, with no cables to catch. There is also a huge cost saving where multiple dosimeters are required.

The dBadge has a rechargeable battery giving up to 28 hours operation, sufficient to perform many consecutive shift measurements without charging or downloading. It is charged using the convenient multi-badge charger in less than 90 minutes. Data is downloaded to a computer using the infra-red link provided.

The dBadge Kits (CEL350K1, K2, K3, etc.) include one or more dBadges, a Calibrator, at least one charger (charges three dBadges at the same time) and a Carry Case.

If you do not already have a copy of the Insight software then you need to include this with your order. Although you can use the free CasellaDrive software to download the measurements, we recommend the Insight software for regular use.

StandardsANSI S1.25 Personal Noise Dosimeters
IEC 61252 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
Operating Range65 to 140.3 dB RMS
95 to 143.3 dB Peak
Freq. WeightingsRMS:
Time WeightingsFast, Slow and Impulse
Amplitude WeigtingsQ=3 and Q=5
Threshold 170 to 90dB in 1dB steps
Threshold 270 to 90dB in 1dB steps
Memory Capacity180 hours (non volatile, 10 years storage)
Default ModesOSHA or ISO
PowerInternal NiMH cells
Battery Life28 hours
Output to PCInfra-red to USB (PC) cable
Dimensions80 x 47 x 52mm or 3.1
Weight71g or 2.5oz (including mount)
OSHA MeasurementsLAavg (Q=5), LZpeak, LASmax
%Dose (Q=5), Projected %Dose, TWA
ISO MeasurementsLAeq, LCpeak, LEP,d, Pa2Hours
Projected %Dose (Q=3)
General MeasurementsLAFmax, LAFmin, LASmin,
LAIeq, LAImax, LAImin, LApeak
Time HistoryLAavg (Q=5), LAeq, LZPeak, LCPeak
Stored as 1 minute values
Operating Cond.Temperature: 0 to 40C
Humidity: 30 to 95% RH non-condensing

Prices and Ordering

Product Description Price (USD)
CEL350K1 Noise Kit with 1 dBadge Dosimeter, Charger, Calibrator and Case $2346.00
CEL350K2 Noise Kit with 2 dBadge Dosimeters, Charger, Calibrator and Case $3145.00
CEL350K3 Noise Kit with 3 dBadge Dosimeters, Charger, Calibrator and Case $3929.00
CEL350K5 Noise Kit with 5 dBadge Dosimeters, Charger, Calibrator and Case $5451.00
CEL350K10 Noise Kit with 10 dBadge Dosimeters, two Chargers, Calibrator and Case $9324.00

Optional Items

Product Description Price (USD)
CEL120/2 Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator $365.00
CEL350 dBadge Noise Dosimeter $949.00
CEL6362 3-way charger for dBadge (inc. power adapter) $266.00
CEL6363 3-way dBadge Charger (inc. link cable) $217.00
Insight Insight software for CEL600 series meters and dBadge dosimeters $419.00
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